Marxist Indoctrination In College Textbooks

“Facts are Stubborn Things” – R. Reagan

Tarrant County College
Indoctrination of Liberal Fascism

I am a student at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth Texas taking a course that EVERY student is REQUIRED to complete REGARDLESS of their major, United States Government.

Sounds good, right?  Not so fast. The text we work out of, “Living Democracy” by Daniel Shea is a creepy twisted myopic journey through the evils of America and the US Constitution.  Really.   AmeriKKKa in the second decade of the twenty-first century is characterized as a hateful bigoted wasteland, the Constitution a failed governing system, and white men as an enduring contemporary evil.

Really, this is happening today, NOW, in an American College classroom, full of blank slates scribbling furiously.   We are taught that the concept of “Equal Opportunity” is an unjust and futile doctrine as it’s promotes INDIVIDUALISM and some individuals may strive harder and achieve greater success than others?  This is not fair our text teaches us.  P. 189 Really.

“There is a better way” we are chastised, “Equality of Condition” (outcomes), whereby policies (state party officials – The Politburo?) will acquire (confiscate through progressive taxes and eminent domain) and distribute individual and corporate wealth and productivity so that everyone is equally provided goods and services.  P. 190   Really?  This sounds strangely familiar, “From each according to his ability to each according to his need”. -Karl Marx ?

Daniel Shea

Liberal Fascism Indoctrination

Our text continues… “America’s limited concept of opportunity”… advocates…  “belief in the values of individualism and self reliance in the American ideology… and leads to a disparity that  is an accepted aspect of the American free-enterprise system and its emphasis on individualism… This Equality of Opportunity does not reflect a comprehensive goal pursued by the American governing system”. P. 190-191  Really?

This text is a Fascist exercise in Liberal excrement of the statist philosophy of conformity and dependence.  The industrious and successful are demonized as perpetrators against the public good to justify government intervention on behalf of an endless parade of “victims”.  The author attempts to convince the student that individualism, self reliance, and initiative are evil designs of a failed American Ideology.

This Author, Daniel Shea encourages the reader to embrace a new “fairer” governing system where independent thought and deeds will no longer be necessary, the omnipotent collective will provide for us all.  Individualism, freedom, and Liberty are the enemy of the state, line up my acquiescent drones and be subjugated.

It’s the second decade of the 21st Century and Americas students are safely seated in their classrooms.  Really???

Text outtakes and specific references are available via public link at Google docs here:

Living Democracy Text Outtakes

Mstr Rick

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38 Responses to Marxist Indoctrination In College Textbooks

  1. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly.
    I’m quite certain I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Best of
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  3. Mel Carver says:

    Those that lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. Lakota Blackfoot Proverb
    Mstr Rick please wash well after reading that book of hate. Sorry you have to deal with the šung’mahetušung’mahetu, coyotes. America is not perfect but MUCH BETTER than that book of hate makes it out to be; much much better. God Bless You and Your Family, God Bless America and God Give Our Young People The Courage To See The Truth.

  4. dan says:

    im a foreigner who sees what’s happening to white people in america and, as an eastern european, i can see where you’re headed to and it isn’t good.
    White people need to start their own groups, they need to come out of their comfort zones and TAKE back their rights that have been stripped by cultural marxists, even if it means jailtime or lawsuits; after all, the subsaharans did it so why is it that white people won’t?

    btw, stop using the word “male” when referring to White MEN. it’s a dehumanising verbal assault on white people, that originated with the bolshevik feminazis that have turned family and children, just as Lenin wanted, into things to be abhorred. baboons can be males, bats can be males, rinos can be males but none of those animals can be a MAN.

    Here’s to a White History Month.

  5. John Maddox says:

    Well Mstr Rick you’ve got my attention. I take any opportunity I can get to instruct people on the historical documents that make up the basis for our Government. Years ago I nearly fell into the trap of assuming that this country was meant by the founders to be a melting pot for the whole world to come and enjoy freedom and liberty. However I have found that this was simply not the case. Some years ago I took up an intense study of American Constitutional History especially during the early years of the republic leading up to the period of reconstruction. These social Marxists like Shea take full advantage of the fact that Americans are mostly illiterate when it comes to the truth of the founding history of this country. You are on the right track only you’re about half right, Shea, though is wrong all the way across the board. I could write a book on this subject, but I’m only going to put you on a fast track to discovering the truth for yourself.

    First: The Declaration of Independence was a revolutionary document and not a founding document. You have to read it in the context of the times in which was written. It was a statement of the reason why the American colonies were separating from Great Britain and a declaration of the intent to form a government independent of the crown. It was never meant to be the law of the land nor was it meant to be a statement of founding principles. Jefferson’s statement that ‘all men are created equal’ was never meant to be a blanket statement of absolute equality, but instead was meant to address the issue of hereditary titles. In essence it sets the stage for the idea of independence through individual effort and achievement without Government interference. Also remember that Jefferson was a classical liberal and a student of the French enlightenment. He was the best choice to write the document since he was the most articulate and most probably the best educated. Not all of the signers of the Declaration, and the latter the founders who wrote and ratified the Constitution, were in complete agreement with his statement of equality. He was quietly whisked out of the country as minister to France during the Constitutional Convention.
    Some historians assert that this was because of his Rousseauean views on government. He was also an early opponent of slavery, as you already know, but he was also a realist and knew that blacks and whites could never coexist as political equals.

    Second: (I’ll make these last ones short) This is in the form of a question. Why do you suppose that women were given a subordinate role with respect to men? Short answer: Free governments like our Republic are highly dependent on a stable social structure, ie, the family as a basis for our culture. If you think about what is happening today in regards to the decline of the family, falling white birthrates, alternate lifestyles, and a general decline in moral and ethics you’ll understand what I mean.

    Third race: look to Haiti and Africa then read Ilana Mercers’ book ‘Into The Canibals’ Pot’. On immigration issues read Pat Buchanan’s book ‘State of Emergency’, also read Judge Robert Bork’s books, ‘Slouching Towards Gomorrah’, and ‘The Tempting of American’.

    And keep up the studies and the fight.

    • Mstr Rick says:

      A most excellent post Mr. Maddox. Although I have read widely on Jefferson and many of our founders I am certainly no constitutional scholar. Some of the personal letters I have perused of Jefferson seem to indicate he was aware that racial and gender equality in his time was unrealistic, and insisting such would eliminate any possibility of forming a union. I’m thinking that maybe he had a prescience for generations to come and so worded our Declaration for those times?

      Your brief is compelling and I am seeking out Ms. Mercers and Mr. Buchanans manuscripts. Of course the Liberal Fascist at the Fort Worth library do not carry either book. I shall seek out alternative resources.

      Also, while looking through Mercer’s book reviews I was struck by this quote, “Diversity’ is a euphemism for racial retribution administered mostly by guilty white liberals in universities, corporations, and government. It is a thoroughly collectivist notion that condones punishing the current generation of white males for the sins of the past.” This is EXACTLY what is occurring at our Tarrant County College through administered policies and “Multicultural” centers that teach divisiveness and contempt for the white male.

      And these quotes from the reviews also sounded familiar:

      “The tyranny of political correctness” “The Cultural Marxist dream of racial egalitarianism and in the name of justice and liberty” “One-party rule, black racist DEMAGOGUERY, and “equality” over the maintenance of ordered liberty”

      Many refuse to take their head out of their ass and end this appeasement philosophy of showing sympathy and consideration for those of evil intent. They fail to comprehend that by their inaction and compliance they are in fact authorizing and validating that which is unjust and wrong.

      Thanks so much for these references. I look forward to expanding this dialogue into the public realm, to awaken the undead to action! grin

  6. John Maddox says:

    I hope I didn’t miss anything as I skimmed through the posts. Our country is a Republic not a Democracy. The Bill of Rights addresses individual rights and limitations on the Government to protect those rights. That is why the second amendment drives lefties crazy. Republics are individualistic; Democracies are collectivist. In our society whites (white males especially) are much more likely to embrace individualism and be more fiercely independent than non whites. Of course there are exceptions.Something else to keep in mind is that as Americans our first loyalty should be to the Constitution and not to the Government it created. Governments are corruptible, the principles that underlie the Constitution are corruptible only when they are misapplied or given a meaning that was never intended. I suggest every college student that is struggling with socialist indoctrination in government, history, and political science classes become familiar with the writings from the Constitutional scholars that can be found at these links:

    and don’t forget ‘The Federalist Papers’ and the ‘Anti Federalist Papers’. They make a good argument that will drive liberal profs crazy trying to explain them away, it will also let you know just how far our gov has fallen from the founders original intent.

  7. Stevn says:

    Oh shit, The redditards have discovered your blog. They misrepresented what you wrote, which is common when liberal progressives attempt to read words and stuff, and then they want to send a bunch of hate your way after reading other persons summary of what you wrote. Ignore them, they’ll go back to looking a pics of cats and cakes after they fellate themselves for attacking a conservative for a while.

    • Mstr Rick says:

      Hey thanks for weighing in Mr. Stevn. I’ve been having much enjoyment taunting them. Kinda like dangling a string for your kitty. LOL

      No worries, I know my truth and am sticking with it.

      Why do you suppose they are so angry? Maybe I’ve been driving on THEIR roads and breathing their air too much?

    • CandleLighter says:

      Most Redditers are far more literate than yourself, and can construct far better arguments without having to resort to terms such as ‘redittards’,’fascists’,’cats and cakes’, etc. When you find someone attempting to reduce the other side to simple caricatures of what they really are, then you know you’ve actually encountered one (i.e. – your comment makes you look every bit as dumb as the ‘redditards’ – dumber really).

      Neither you nor Mr. Rick have successfully responded to the fact that you enjoy the fruits of many socialist programs without realizing or thinking about it. You take them for granted while raving against the idealists that made them possible.

      If you actually took the time to dialog with us progressives, you might be astonished to learn that nobody is trying to bring down the Hank Reardens and Howard Roarks of the world. The simple fact is that we see a country in which the conservative right is trying to remove the very tools that allow them to strive for success.

      Put in a real nuts and bolts manner, let me ask you this. Bush gave a bunch of big tax breaks to the rich in order to spur the economy and create jobs. I see lots of profits for bankers, hedge fund managers, oil tycoons, but I don’t see a lot of jobs. I see more and more breaks for people that DON’T produce a damned thing, and less opportunity for those that do.

      So if you REALLY are intelligent enough to see the world with a bit more depth than Right vs Left, Leberal vs Conservative, how bout you demonstrate that for us. I’ll be here waiting.


      • Mstr Rick says:

        History is replete with great thinkers that have come before. Ayn Rand, Adam Smith, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson. Many great minds with an insightful perspective have paved the way for those of us that follow.

        And who are the Champions of the Liberal Left? Karl Marx, Lenin, Mao Tse-Tung. What is it about being a drone of the STATE does the left find so appealing? Lack of responsibility for one’s life?

        As Ronnie R said, “Government is not the Solution, Government is the Problem”. Here’s a two minute Vid I put together that might help, grin:

  8. Mstr Rick says:

    Much appreciated and useful advice. I have been accepted to Tarleton State U (part of Texas A&M) for Spring 2012. Thanks for asking. I agree about private college’s, profit breeds excellence (not apathy) and I am looking forward to a difficult and challenging two years at TSU.

    Best I can tell from my many detractors here I got a lot of learnin to do!

    • Derr says:

      I’m not full of anger or resentment. “You social welfare loving freeloader wealth distributer.” is in satire of your thoughts on ‘progressive’ and ‘socialist programs’. I am glad you are going to community college. I think you should. I think a small amount taxed so that everyone has equal opportunity in education is good thing. Yet you byte the hand that feeds you. Your banner reads “Equal opportunity is a failed ideology”. The people touting this message would love to take away your current opportunities, with the logic that you don’t deserve because you did not succeed to acquire sufficient funds in the free market. You’re basically campaigning against yourself. It hurts to see this. It makes me sad. It makes me upset. You live near me. You are a neighbor. You are campaigning against interest of those around you too, including the future generation, which may not get the same social services you are currently enjoying.

    • Mstr Rick says:

      You miss the entire point of the blog sir, indoctrination and celebration of Marxist ideology to young students whilst disgorging contempt and disdain for our founders and constitution, not some ancillary discussion of funding sources? But I guess working for our farcical DOJ pretending to enforce civil rights when you know very well our racially bigoted attorney general has made it clear he rejects any and all claims of civil rights violations brought forth by whites.

      Remember this: Justice attorney Chris Coates’ testimony before the independent Civil Rights Commission that key officials in the Obama administration’s Justice Department said openly they would not pursue cases by blacks against white victims.

      Sounds kinda racists to me, aren’t you ashamed to work there?

      Unless of course….both yourself and your boss Holder agree with our texts author that white males are an enduring contemporary evil? I’m white, I like being white… white is good, white history, white culture, white traditions…. what? What is it about my whiteness that disturbs you and our wanna be attorney general so much? The reflection?

  9. Mstr Rick says:

    Hey, I’m just some old guy without much learnin attending a Community College. I’m doin the best I can!

  10. goCrimson says:

    Why aren’t you smart enough, clever enough, attractive enough or angry enough to succeed in capitalism bro? You should be at an Ivy studying political science so you can blow the lid off all of this liberal-fascist bullshit. Oh wait, you’re at a state-funded community college complaining about the state. Liberal policies paved the way for regular folks like you to get an “education”. Why do you hate them so much? I watch Community on NBC, are you studying AC repair?

  11. Ryan says:

    I feel like the phrase “liberal Fascism” is an oxymoron

    • Mstr Rick says:

      Well, best I can tell “Liberalism” was originally coined in the 1680’s by John Locke in his “Two Treatise on Government”,. much of which was lost to history, but Locke had great influence on Madison and Hamilton which we see in their writings of the Federalist Papers. A TRUE founder (with Adam Smith) of conservative thought, rule of law, limited government and the inalienable rights of the individual over the state.

      Sadly, it seems over the years the LEFT has morphed it’s meaning into some type of “social liberalism” which is just code for progressivism and seizing the labors of the productive and successful and re-distributing it to the looters, moochers, and second handers. Today’s “Liberal” champions the rights of the state over the individual in some fanatical attempt at creating a fantasy mis-topia by force of the oligarchy. These fascists elitists believe their despotic altruism is the answer to a forced “equality of outcomes” ignoring the true nature of men to strive, excel, and profit based on their ambitions and abilities

      Jonah Goldberg wrote a most compelling description of these twisted ideologies in his 2008 manuscript, “Liberal Fascism”. I recommend it most heartily. (especially to mis-guided leftists) grin:

      • not a first year student at a CC says:

        Oh look some one took a intro to political philosophy class.

      • Mstr Rick says:

        Astute observation sir. Scholar I am not, but sometimes I try to follow the discussions at the CATO INSTITUTE and The Heritage Foundation. THEY have many most excellent Scholars that have provided much insight that my meager 101 intro classes overlooked. The Buddha path to wisdom is a long and winding journey and as Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where your going you’ll end up somewhere else”. grin

        I shall effort to improve.

      • CandleLighter says:

        You’ve read too much Ayn Rand and thought too little about it. You’re discourses are full of labels (fascist, liberal, etc) that have little or no connection to any real life groups or ideologies. As has been pointed out earlier, you actually take advantage of the very programs you fight against. Moreover, you have adopted ideas that are against your own self interest.

        It’s not that you’re dumb. You’re problem is that you first adopt belief, then you bring that brain of yours in to find evidence that are in line with your beliefs. Seriously, your rant barely makes sense, and has little to do with how the world around you is really working.

        Liberals and the left are NOTHING like what you and the docs you cite claim them to be. Not even a little bit. Stay in college and try to actually learn something.

      • Mstr Rick says:

        Well your right of course (about Ayn Rand). She celebrated the true nature of man, to be free and unencumbered by the tyranny of despots and the false morality of inducted altruism. The individual is always held as of the highest order, uniquely aware of that which is virtuous. As she described in her most enlightened book, “The Virtue of Selfishness” free men of the mind are capable of discerning that “balance point between a deficiency and an excess of a trait” that is one’s own virtuousness.

        The clinging dependency the left promotes is the destruction of free will, and the subordination of the individual to the state for the good of the collective. Why? It seems to me in my limited community college grasp that the intellectual leftist elitists (love those labels. grin) believe the ill informed masses must be controlled out of altruistic necessity, subdued and forced fed, after all “it’s for their own good”? It must be good to be the king?

        Why do you suppose Liberals have such contempt for America? They seem to have such dissatisfaction with their own existence that they condemn their fellow man for societal ills and their own miserable conditions? Many Liberals appear incapable of honest self assessment and evade responsibility for their own lives. That’s what it means to be a conservative, to take responsibility for one’s own life, not to demonize the successful and industrious as detractors of the public good.

        Just say NO to conformity and dependance, stand up, reward and applaud Initiative and self reliance.

        Mstr Rick says it so…..! grin

      • Derr says:

        the cato institute and heritage foundation are political think tanks, not historians or reputable educational groups. It’s nice to see you admit your complete ignorance of these things in other posts but at the same time believe in them as if they were a religious doctrine. Also, a lot of us hate both and think both political parties are corrupt in their leadership.

  12. dk says:

    You seem to be reading a whole lot more into these simple statements than what their actual text implies.

    “This is an outright condemnation by the author of the entire America system of government”

    Nothing in the quoted text actually condemns any of these aspects of the US government system. You added that.

  13. It sounds like the only one that’s been indoctrinated is you. You can’t even pick up a book without weighing how much it agrees with your pre-held political ideology. You’ve already convinced yourself that you know everything, so I ask you this: If not to learn something new, then why the hell are you attending classes?

    • Mstr Rick says:

      Actually, I was very much looking forward to this course and gaining a more detailed knowledge of our Constitution, its’ founders, and its’ founding. Rather, much of the FACTS of our governing system were bypassed for a continual Liberal Left ideological condemnation of America and it peoples.

      Being many years aged I was uniquely aware of the forked and disturbed road these eager, yet uninformed young minds were being led down. I fear for the consequences this nation must bear in teaching an entire generation to despise their country whilst seeking conformity and dependance rather than success and fulfillment.

      Fortunately, some of these students will eventually escape the hypnotic influence of contempt and disdain for America this class taught and discover its’ true EXCEPTIONALISM.

  14. Christian says:

    ‘Suppress no free thought’ – Voltaire. Who helped establish modern democracy. You just maybe are not bright enough to see it is you who are the fascist. And the facts in America today seem to indicate a lot of what Marx predicted about capitolism seems to be coming to pass.

  15. Christian says:

    You sir, are a moron.

  16. Jonn says:

    Its hypocritical to say that this text is shoving false information down people’s throat when all you leave to the reader is speculation based on narrow right wing perceptions and political beliefs. I saw no citations based on fact in that google doc, just someone’s politically driven, complaint ridden commentary. Not to mention Its hard to take it seriously when every other word is in caps, its very unprofessional and makes the author look emotionally unbalanced. Sounds like what you are clamoring against, political bias and the bending of facts in education, right? Keep your own out of it.

  17. barboo77 says:

    Is there any hope that the professor is using the text as an opposite viewpoint? You know, one day he/she is going to say “By the way, this book is complete and utter rubbish. Don’t just believe everything that you read because some guy with a PhD after his name forces you to read in order to graduate?” Sadly, probably not.

    • Mstr Rick says:

      Sadly and unfortunately NO, our “instructor” believed fervently in his contempt for America and our Constitution. What concerns me most is not the ignorance of this one individual but the culture (The College Administration) that supports and validates his authority to openly disgorge such twisted sentiments. But, as you so aptly stated on the “Box of Chocolates” blog eventually these students will have to come to terms with their own beliefs.

      • Jonn says:

        Contempt for America and the constitution is a harsh thing to accuse someone of simply for having an opposing opinion. That mindset is what is wrong with politics in this country, continued demonetization of the other side. People just want to do what is right, just because you disagree doesn’t mean they are enemies to the US.

  18. Mstr Rick says:

    Quite entertaining Mr. Starwalt! Very creative. The sad reality is that there are many free sanctioned beings on this planet that think others can provide for them better than they can for themselves. John Galt’s epiphany in Atlas Shrugged was that no one can GIVE YOU success and fulfillment, each must go up the mountain and seek it for themselves.

    A most excellent post sir… Prometheus Unbound!

  19. Nathan Starwalt says:

    Little by little, inch by inch, we creep towards the communist stench. The lazy need jobs, lets give money to the slobs, and wait for the bus on a park bench. Step in line, there is only one design, by the name of conform and obey. You cannot have thought! You do what you ought not! It took a long time to get things this way! We lied and slanderd, confused by propaganda, it was hard to make this nation fall. What I am trying to say, like what Karl Marx might say, is you cannot live your life your own way!

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